Blog: Great weekend ahead! |

We ended yesterday with a bit of sunshine. We picked up another tenth of an inch or two of rain, but we’re still going to need some long-term rain. Now this area of ​​rain has fallen in our south. Today we are going to dry out a bit. It should be a pretty nice day. The high has moved into the area with a cool front falling well to our south.

Regional weather map

We will have partly cloudy skies throughout the afternoon. There will be a light northeast wind blowing. High temperatures will be near 80s with a few upper 70s just off the shore. There will be mid-80s inland.

Forecast Weather Today

Humidity levels have dropped, but it’s not as dry as last weekend. Dew points are in the 60s. They will drop into the upper 50s to near 60s later today.

Dew points

The weekend forecast looks good. High pressures will weigh on the region. We will have lots of sunshine both days. High temperatures will be in the 80s.

Weekend Forecast

There is something we observe in the tropics. There is a tropical disturbance in the eastern Atlantic. He is moving west.


It has a low chance of forming over the next two days, but has a moderate chance of forming over the next few days. This could therefore have an impact on the Lesser Antilles next week. We will monitor this over the weekend.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler