Blog: An explosion of cold hits Hampton Roads!

When I arrived this morning the temperatures were in the 40’s and 50’s with 30 to the north. A strong cold front had set in early, and it made the temperatures drop like a brick!

Temperatures of the last 12 hours

There was a brief winter mix north of the metro. Otherwise, we only had a few showers.

A weak low pressure area and upper low were moving east / northeast along the front.

Regional weather map

It deposited a band of snow from Kentucky to the northeastern states.

Snow cover

After a few isolated flurries this morning it will be partly cloudy, cold and windy today. Temperatures will only rise in the upper 30 degrees to almost 40 degrees this afternoon. Wind chills will stay in the 1920s until early afternoon.

Temperature and wind chill forecasts

Winds will be 25-30 mph this morning. Especially near the shore. They should go down a bit this afternoon. The gusts will work more between 20 and 25 mph.

Tonight, high pressure will settle in the region. It will brighten our skies. Winds will be light and northerly. Low temperatures will drop until the mid-1920s with perhaps a few years inland. People may want to slowly run the taps overnight. This may not be necessary in the metro area, but it is recommended for inland locations that will be cooler for longer.

Tomorrow we will be mostly sunny, but the high temperatures will only be in the over 30s to near 40 again.

Weather Forecast Tomorrow

We will be pretty sunny all day.

We will be warming up Sunday in the 50s during the day. For now, the temporary workers are targeting the over 50s. We will have more and more clouds with a few isolated showers possible by the end of the afternoon. We will have rain from Sunday evening to Monday morning. It could end in a winter mix again. Predicted surface temperatures are above freezing during this time. Stay tuned for updates on this throughout the weekend.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler