Blog: A few showers today. Great weekend ahead!

As expected yesterday, we had more heavy showers in the area.

Satra local

A waterspout was reported over the Outer Banks late in the day. There was even some light damage to the yard of a house in Nags Head.

waterspout yesterday

Recent heavy rains have been a major contributor to the recent drought in the region. Here is the updated US Drought Monitor.

US Drought Watch

We will be drying all day today, but it will be a gradual process. A cold front moved through the region. It brought us cooler temperatures this morning. (Upper 60s to lower 70s). However, drier air is still north of a second front.

Regional weather map

This front will slide southward today. We will dry out gradually, but we will have enough humidity for a few showers. These will likely fall between noon and early afternoon. Then they will push south into North Carolina between late afternoon and early evening. High temperatures will be in the lower 80s.

Forecast Weather Today

Dew points will drop from near 70 to 60 degrees during the afternoon. We will have a north wind at 5-15 mph.

We will have good weather this weekend. High temperatures will be in the 80s with much drier conditions.

Temperature trend
heavy meter

We will have north today and tomorrow, but it will be less strong on Sunday. Enjoy!

We will have some humidity Monday through Tuesday, but it won’t be as thick as the past two weeks. There will be more clouds with a few scattered showers with a few thunderstorms. High temperatures will remain in the low 80s.

This tropical feature that we observed in the central Atlantic has practically collapsed.


The Atlantic should therefore remain calm for a little longer.

Across the Atlantic they don’t get colder in some parts of Europe like we are. It’s quite the opposite. They are entering another heat wave across France and some neighboring countries. Numerous heat alerts have been issued. There are also more forest fires in France. All of this is a clear signal of climate change. Here is the article with more information: Heat and fires in Western Europe.

If that’s not bad enough…I recently found another article that talks about how rainwater may no longer be safe to drink around the world. The tiny plastic particles that have made headlines polluting our waterways for the past two decades have now found their way into rainfall. Falling water is now deemed undrinkable worldwide according to a new study. Here is the article with more information: Precipitation is no longer drinkable.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler