Big Rock Blog: Mercenaria Seeks to Shut It Down

MOREHEAD CITY, NC (WNCT) — First to best?

Saturday is the last day of the 64th Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament. Mercenaria, which sailed the first blue marlin on Monday, is hoping to score a wire-to-wire victory to collect a share of the $5.858 million overall purse.

The boats are out on the water today, trying to take one last chance at the blue marlin standings. They will have until 3 p.m. to catch up with this big blue.

The awards banquet will be held Sunday at 11 a.m.

You can follow all the action on Big Rock’s Twitter account. There will be updates on fish caught and brought to shore to be weighed along with further updates. You can also get the Big Rock app to listen to updates throughout the day. You can also listen here on the Big Rock website.


Big Rock Ranking

Mercenari (YouTube photo of Big Rock Blue Marlin)

  1. Mercenary, 572.6 pounds*
  2. Wall bracket, 556.4 lbs*
  3. High performance, 536.8 lbs*
  4. Bad habit, 526.7 pounds
  5. Builder’s Choice, 479.7 lbs.
  6. Miss Wy, 454.1 pounds
  7. Breakwater, 427.8 pounds
  8. Sylva liner, 401.3 pounds

* – The first three win the overall prize



The last boat to get the first outing of the day (unofficially) goes to Roshambo with a blue marlin caught and released at 9.20am. It’s $5,000 out of pocket but they’re working hard to get that blue marlin.


It’s the fleet’s final blessing for this year’s tournament.


Friday was another good day for big game fishing.


Many local charities benefit in a big way through the Big Rock Foundation. WNCT’s Claire Curry has more on that in the video at the top of this story.


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