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Arcade has published its latest blog, enlightening people about the countless possibilities offered by the innovative Arcade platform. Those interested in taking a step into the future can find more information below.

A brand new article tackles the subject of “opportunities offered by the Arcade platform to obtain financial rewards regardless of skill levels, experience and time commitment”. A report entitled “Arcade’s Overview of Play-to-Earn – Empowering The Gamer” has now been released and published by Arcade. Arcade is an authority website in the niche of yield hunters, gamers, guilds and game developers. Further information can be found at Arcade/Blog.

According to the blog, bringing together these enabling technologies represents a unique opportunity for the future of finance, video games, entertainment, real-world professions and blockchain, where people can earn money and have fun. while doing it. The publication of the report is the second of several publications planned to appear on its official blog, currently accessible via the link provided above.

The article brings to light fascinating information, mainly because it aims to understand how it is now possible to earn financial rewards for these hours of play, regardless of the experience and / or expertise of the individual. . Additionally, Play-to-Earn offers all players the opportunity to earn financial rewards by playing. The rewards will be proportional to the player’s ability; therefore, you don’t have to be a superstar to start making money.

Arcade CEO Josh said when discussing the article:

“The platform will begin with highly anticipated titles such as Star Atlas and Illuvium, with additional titles to be announced in the future.”

About Arcade:

The Arcade team has a mix of talents and experiences not typically seen in blockchain startups. Drawing on knowledge acquired in traditional finance, banking, IT, software and website development, marketing, operations, risk management, stock trading and, last but not least, cryptography. Therefore, the team merges state-of-the-art blockchain technology with business fundamentals to ensure project success for all stakeholders.

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Again, the full article is available in full at Arcade/Blog.

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