A well-documented 1000-word blog in 5 minutes? AI can help

To a question posted on Quora, “Is it a big deal that the AI ​​wrote a movie script?” the top answer minimizes success. He notes, “All they’ve really done is form a thing that recognizes patterns.” The Q&A was posted six years ago. Today, AI does much more than “recognize patterns”. Take writing a blog post. AI uses up to 175 billion machine learning parameters to create the first draft of a long-form article.

For content creators and writers, AI does research, writes long-form articles, and optimizes content for the internet. Mayank Jain, CEO and co-founder of Scalenut, an AI-based content platform, points out, “A well-researched blog of over 1000 words can be written in 5 minutes. The potential can massively help businesses looking to scale their content production.

Mayank explains why content automation is here to stay: “In most cases, creators take days to create high-quality content of 1,000 to 2,000 words. This includes research, preparation and joining points for a holistic end result. With AI, you can significantly reduce time. Plus, it helps creators get rid of writer’s block. A great starting point for creating meaningful content.

Skeptics see long form content dying a slow death. Video content is the future. They may be somewhat right, but not entirely. Every form of content starts with research and writing, like the movie script in the example above. Additionally, long-form content helps businesses and individuals be found more easily on the Internet.

“Long-form content, when done right, helps businesses leverage the power of SEO to reach new customers. While long-form is here to stay, it’s no longer limited to traditional tropes, such as white papers and e-books. We need to embrace the popularity of graphical content and absorb it to make the content more interactive and valuable to the general public,” says Mayank Jain. Scalenut says that with AI and ML , it can help creators produce the best possible results – from product descriptions, social media posts, and video content to blog writing in all categories.

In the future, as technology becomes even more sophisticated, AI should come quite close to human emotions in communication. However, AI is expected to continue to help humans, not replace them. But the next level for AI, of course, would be to think like humans while creating content and, in doing so, producing award-winning novels, films and plays.

It’s inevitable. All we need to do is check in five years or maybe a lot less.

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