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Obviously, the differentiated housing types in Singapore are something many people are considering beyond your usual types of condos and apartments.

And so, seeing how last week’s collection of walk-up apartments was received, we decided to look for more walk-up apartments to feature in this week’s edition of Units of the Week.

You definitely need to plan a substantial renovation budget for some of them – so if you’re interested, get your wallet ready!

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Now let’s move on to the list of units organized this week!

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Yong Siak Court


Address: 15A Yong Siak Street 168649
Mandate: Full ownership
Cut: 1,485 square feet
$PSF: $1,804.71 PSF
Developer: Unknown developer
HIGH: 1987

why i like it

At this point, is it really necessary to say too much about Tiong Bahru that hasn’t already been said? It’s as cool a neighborhood as any in Singapore, with a variety of trendy cafes and dining options in the area. You’re also not far from the MRT Tiong Bahru station and Tiong Bahru Square, and Tiong Bahru’s central location means it’s quite convenient to get to most parts of Singapore.

What makes this unit unique is that while most of Tiong Bahru is leasehold type, Yong Siak Court is freehold. Sure, it’s not much to see from the outside, but when your downstairs neighbors are joints like Plain Vanilla and The Butcher’s Wife, there really isn’t much to see. say it again, right?

The unit measures 1,485 square feet for a 3 bedroom 2 bath – those are generous proportions indeed. It’s also very well laid out, so it’s more about finding the right piece of furniture to fit in!


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staff choice druce


Mansion Joo Chiat


Address: 185 Place Joo Chiat 427897
Mandate: Full ownership
Cut: 1,238 square feet
$PSF: $1,413.57 FSP
Developer: Unknown developer
HIGH: 1986

why i like it

As with our Atlassia review, there’s no doubt that the Joo Chiat neighborhood has truly transformed over the years. As you walk around the neighborhood, you can really feel that the place has been upgraded, and there will only be more such tenants who will be drawn to the ambiance and charm of it all.

Like most, if not all walk-up apartments, the facade of Joo Chiat Mansions is nothing like it. The interior is what matters though (for most people, at least), and at 1,238 square feet, this 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom unit is certainly a very big space. The open kitchen only makes the space feel bigger, and you have a good sized dining area for those who like to entertain, and a real living room of course. As you’d expect, the room sizes here are also really, really spacious.

As always, the problem for Joo Chiat is that the MRT is further away, with the Eunos MRT station over a 10-minute walk away.


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String Soon Avenue


Address: Thong Soon Avenue 787433
Mandate: N / A
Cut: 1,750 square feet
$PSF: $1,142.86 PSF
Developer: N / A

why i like it

This area has definitely been significantly improved with the arrival of the Springleaf MRT station on the Thomson East Coast line. Now it’s literally just a 2 minute walk from the houses on this stretch.

The unit itself is massive at 1,750 square feet. It features 3 bedrooms, an air shaft (which provides more light to the space), beautiful high ceilings and a sloping roof! You might want to do more renovations to the unit though.

For foodies, there are various dining options on your doorstep, such as a dimsum and mookata joint, as well as Springleaf Prata.

– Ruben

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novena hill


Address: 45 Jalan novena 308663
Mandate: Full ownership
Cut: 710 square feet
$PSF: $1,690.14 FSP
Developer: Unknown developer
HIGH: 1975

why i like it

This isn’t the first time we’ve chosen a unit at Novena Hill, and like my choice of Novena Court last week, it has the same perks as the dining and retail options at Novena Square 1 and 2, Velocity and Place Royale. And you can also get to Mount Elizabeth and Tan Tock Seng Hospital relatively quickly, with United Square and Goldhill Plaza a little further afield.

But unlike Novena Court, you’re tucked away in a quieter location. Although this (as usual) comes at the expense of a longer walk to the MRT station (8 minutes).

At 2 bedrooms and 1 bath, 710 square feet is decently sized but nothing spectacular, so it’s not as spacious as most other walk-up apartments, that’s for sure.


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D14 Apartment without lift


Address: D14 Walk-in apartment for sale near Kembangan MRT
Mandate: Full ownership
Cut: 1,259 square feet
$PSF: $1,508.34 FSP
Developer: N / A

why i like it

This listing is a bit lacking in detail (like photos), but if it is as it says, then it was an interesting listing that I couldn’t quite pass up.

From the details, it appears to have been renovated in an eclectic style with a patio. I like the neighborhood location, with various food options like the famous Seng Kee Black Chicken Herb Soup right next door. Of course being freehold and 1,259 square feet for a 3 bedroom unit certainly helps too!


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