49ers – Seahawks Live Blog

This is the live blog of the 49ers 2022 home opener against the Seattle Seahawks at Levi’s Stadium. I will provide updates and analysis from the press box throughout the game.

11:18 There is a constant wind blowing from the south, but no rain.

11:32 The 49ers did not raise any players from the practice squad this week. Looks like Danny Gray is in line to make his regular season debut.

Additionally, it looks like running backs will be Jeff Wilson Jr., Ty Davis-Price and Jordan Mason. Oh, and Deebo Samuel.

11:37 Inactive for the 49ers today: George Kittle, Daniel Brunskill, Brock Purdy, Kemoko Turay and Nick Zakelj.

This will be the 16th game missed by George Kittle in his career. The 49ers are 6-9 in the previous 15.

11:44 a.m. The rain has arrived.

11:48 Inactive for the Seahawks today: CB Artie Burns, CB Justin Coleman, FS Joey Blount, OT Jake Curham, WR Dereke Young, DT Myles Adams

12:42 The 49ers just finished warming up and the sun is out. It will be a strange weather day with constant wind.

1:03 Seattle wins toss and postpones. San Francisco will be on offense to start the game.

1:12 49ers with good practice but have to settle for a short field goal from Robbie Gould.

San Francisco had 21 staff, two running backs with a tight end, for the first seven games. Once they entered the red zone, Kyle Shanahan changed it and led all three plays on 11 personnel (a running back with a tight end).

Should have stuck with what worked.

49ers 3 Seahawks 0

1:20 Nice start for the 49ers defense. Seattle showing multiple personnel packages, and after getting a first stop, San Francisco holds.

Talanoa Hufanga with 3 tackles on the first six plays and Emmanuel Moseley with tight coverage on third and five to end possession.

The 49ers take over at their own 11.

1:27 Deebo Samuel is the explosive element of the 49ers run game. 51 yards.

1:28 Trey Lance with the keeper on the read zone. He is hit hard and is down.

It looked like they were working on Lance’s right leg while he was down. It was in an aerial cast when they took him off the field.

1:32 Jimmy Garoppolo comes in and throws completely to Brandon Aiyuk, but he runs out on the first down.

49ers 6 Seahawks 0

1:35 Air was released from Levi’s Stadium.

It was an ankle injury for Trey Lance.

1:39 The first quarter is coming to an end. 49ers 6 Seahawks 0

Kyle Shanahan proved that using your quarterback as running back in the NFL is not a good idea.

1:43 After giving up a first down, the 49ers defense drops Seattle for losses of one in consecutive plays. Dre Greenlaw follows that up by dropping rookie Kenneth Walker after a completion to the right, and the 49ers get the ball back.

1:49 That was quick. Garoppolo completes all three attempts on his first possession, finishing it off with a 38-yard strike to Ross Dwelley for a touchdown.

It was a four-play, 78-yard practice that included a 14-yard pass interference against Seattle in the opener.

49ers 13 Seahawks 0

1:54 Talanoa Hufanga is a PLAY MAKER. He jumps under a pass in the middle of the field, the ball bounces and into the hands of Tashaun Gipson for an interception. Terrific game. This will be the 49ers ball in midfield.

2:01 Garoppolo with a backhand from Brandon Aiyuk down the left sideline, but the receiver had the ball hit him in the hands before going incomplete. He then goes deep to Danny Gray in the 4th and 8th, but it’s incomplete.

2:06 Talanoa Hufanga with a pair of big plays to start possession for the Seahawks. He drops the running back for a loss of two, then interrupts a pass down the middle.

2:07 Emmanuel Moseley is called for pass interference to erase a Fred Warner interception. What a bad call.

Now Seahawks starting left guard Damien Lewis is down.

2:11 After a poor no-call leads to a long completion for Seattle, running back Kenneth Walker throws an interception to Charvarius Ward in the end zone to thwart the Seahawks drive.

49ers ball all alone 7.

2:15 Garoppolo’s throw to Deebo Samuel at third-and-six is ​​a bit high. The wide back is able to knock him down, but the imprecise throw prevents him from picking up the first down.

The 49ers made 25 offensive plays in this half, fifteen came out on 21 members.

2:18 Huge special teams play for San Francisco. Seattle misses the punt and Ross Dwelley recovers to give the ball to the 49ers at the Seahawks 22.

2:22 Garoppolo to Deebo Samuel for a screen to win seven, then hits Jeff Wilson Jr. to get the ball down on that one. From there, Kyle Juszczyk plows down the middle for the touchdown.

He is the type of player who should run the ball between tackles.

49ers 20 Seahawks 0

2:24 The 49ers special teams were very good today. Kickoff coverage drops DeeJay Dallay as the Seahawks 16.

2:29 The first half is coming to an end with the 49ers up 20-0.

2:47 Nick Bosa opens the second half with a sack. The 49ers defense forces a quick three and one out. The attack will take over 30.

2:58 The 49ers drive to the two. Robbie Gould’s 20-yard field goal is blocked and Michael Jackson takes it the other way for 86 yards for a Seahawks touchdown. It was no thriller for the 49ers fans in attendance.

It was Ross Dwelley who waived the blocked placement.

The first two games on the drive were thrown by Jimmy Garoppolo. Kyle Shanahan called a pass on the next nine plays, which resulted in a scramble from Garoppolo.

49ers 20 Seahawks 7

3:05 The rain is falling and Jimmy Garoppolo doesn’t seem to be able to get a good grip on the ball. He had a few passes just floating around. Took a break on the last when Seattle was called for illegal contact to extend possession.

3:14 Samuel Womack drops Geno Smith just before the line to win and the third quarter comes to an end. Will Seattle go for this on its own 22? Their offense has been pretty non-existent so far.

Seattle had just nine first downs in that game. They’re going to kick it here.

3:23 The 49ers offense came to an abrupt halt on the final two possessions. At third and eight, Garoppolo throws incomplete to Brandon Aiyuk. The quarterback had Ross Dwelley open in the middle to pick up the first down and missed.

3:29 This is Drake Jackson. The rookie defensive end forces Geno Smith to step up and he teams up with Nick Bosa to save the sack and end Seattle’s possession.

3:40 The 49ers offense takes air off the ball. There are 3:59 left in the game and they are at Seattle 20.

3:41 Good job from Jake Brendel to catch the Seattle defender offside. Garoppolo with a good game as well as understanding the situation and taking the deep shot to Brandon Aiyuk which resulted in pass interference in the end zone.

I will now head to the locker room. You will receive an update on Trey Lance as soon as one is sent.